7 Tips To Choosing WordPress Paywall Options

A WordPress paywall allows you to create more revenue streams on your site, sell common items, and produce as many possible profit increases as you can. Consider what you can do when you have a paywall that will help your customers step up to different levels of participation on your site. Also, consider that there are such things as a hard and soft paywall. You can make the decision about what people will pay, and you can use the software to create a website that produces a lot of extra income.

1. What Does The Software Do?

The purpose of paywall software is to ask people to pay for certain goods and services. The most common type is one where someone reaches a level of usage on a site that is stopped by the wall, and they have to pay to continue. This is common in games where the player can only play so many levels before continuing. The same could be true on your sports news site. You want to protect some of your articles, and that is how you get people to pay. You might offer free services up to a point, and the wall will step in to ask the customer to pay.

2. How Do You Set Prices?

You can set prices in any way that you like. You might choose to use the wall as a way to get a small in-program purchase of no more than a dollar, or you could set prices for varying subscription levels. It all depends on what you think is appropriate, and you must be flexible in pricing your items. Your website cannot function if you price everyone out of the things that you are selling, and you could offer sales or discounts where needed.

You are allowed to set prices for anything on the site from a music file to a video. You could create a wall for each item that is on sale on your site, or you could use that same software to create a shortcut that sends that item to the customer’s shopping cart.

3. Why Is The Wall Needed?

You will turn people away at the homepage if they are forced to pay just to use your site. You do not want to make your site a place that seems prohibitive, and you do not want to surprise customers with purchases that they did not see coming. The software can be used to create informative blurbs on your site that explain how purchases are handled. You could label everything that is for sale, and you can label everything that is free.

4. Free Trials

You can add free trials to accounts at any time. The customer can sign up through your portal, and they can get a free trial that expires in the amount of time you have chosen. You could use the software to send them reminders, or you could use the software to set up a program that will ask the customer to use financial information to secure their trial. You can charge the customer when their trial ends, or you can give them the option of renewing.

5. What Forms Of Payment Are Accepted?

This sort of software must take all forms of payment possible. You might want to have a discount and gift card program for your site, and you must use the software to accept these payments. You can take all major credit cards, and you can take payments through a simple ACH debit. You can set up payments that recur for subscriptions, and you can give the customers a dashboard where they can check their account status.

6. How Does The Software Benefit Customers?

Customers can use your site in an a la carte format that gives them complete control over how much they spend. They can buy anything they want, and they can avoid anything they want. The customer determines how much they are willing to spend, and they can take free trials if they are not sure. You are showing your customers that you want them to decide on their own experience, and you can continually upgrade to give customers more purchase options.

7. How Much Money Will You Make?

You will make passive income every day, and you can allow your site to run all by itself. Your customers decide when they want to make purchases, and they never need your help. You can see a record of all the transactions from the site, and you are given information about which parts of the wall have been effective. You can change prices or change your terms to meet the needs of the market so that more people will make tiny purchases on your site.


If you must put up a wall that asks customers to pay for certain items or experiences on your website. You are showing your customers that they have control over what they buy, and they can use your website up to a point for free. You can offer subscriptions, sell your products, or safeguard audio and video when this software puts up a payment wall.

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